The Assessment was published in 2008 by Wits University Press. 'Elephant Management: A Scientific Assessment for South Africa' is the first of its kind, and as such will be of interest to a broad range of readers, including not only conservation policymakers and practitioners in South Africa and Africa, but also postgraduate students in many parts of the world, researchers and academics, conservation NGOs, interested stakeholders, and members of the public.

The Scientific Assessment of Elephant Management in South Africa was one step in a greater elephant management programme. The way forward is to implement the best practices identified by the assessment, conduct focused research on the many gaps revealed, and iteratively learn from successes and failures, in the best tradition of adaptive management. South Africa has a proud tradition of excellent conservation management, but also an emerging tradition of consultative and participatory decision-making. Wise management of elephant populations will require those strengths to work together, as they did in undertaking the assessment.

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[Author names - full list, not et al.] (2008) [Name of chapter] In: RJ Scholes and KG Mennell (eds) Elephant Management: A Scientific Assessment of South Africa. Witwatersrand University Press, Johannesburg.

Chapter Size
Title and Contents Pages 460KB
Summary for Policymakers 716KB
Chapter 1 - The Elephant In South Africa: History and Distribution 1.3MB
Chapter 2 - Elephant Population Biology and Ecology 867KB
Chapter 3 - Effects of Elephants on Ecosystems and Biodiversity 685KB
Chapter 4 - Interactions Between Elephants and People 399KB
Chapter 5 - Elephant Translocation 1.49MB
Chapter 6 - Reproductive Control of Elephants 1.39MB
Chapter 7 - Controlling the Distribtion of Elephants 1.98MB
Chapter 8 - Lethal Management of Elephants 367KB
Chapter 9 - Ethical Considerations in Elephant Management 371KB
Chapter 10 - The Economic Value of Elephants 485KB
Chapter 11 - National and International Law 428KB
Chapter 12 - Towards Integrated Decision Making for Elephant Management 1.27MB
Glossary and Index 304KB